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88 Temple Pilgrimage in Shikoku PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 01 June 2006

This is one of the most famous pilgrimages in Japan.
There are 88 temples in Shikoku to visit on the route.

 The priest Kobo Daishi (774-835), who originated the pilgrimage to these temples, is the founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism. Kobo Daishi was born in Shikoku and he returned here many times to preach and spread his teachings.
The pilgrimage follows his route.

The pilgrims, called "o-henro-san"make the pilgrimage to these 88 temples wearing traditional white clothing and straw hats, and carrying pilgrim's staffs.

Traditionally, in olden days, the Shikoku 88 temple hike was done walking, begging and sleeping outdoors. Your walking stick doubled as a grave marker and your white clothes as death shrouds should you be found dead along the route.

While most modern-day pilgrims (an estimated 100,000 yearly) travel by tour bus, a minority still set out the old-fashioned way on foot, a journey which takes about 60 days to complete. Pilgrims can be spotted in the temples and roadsides of Shikoku clad in a white jacket emblazoned with the characters Dōgyō Ninin, meaning "two traveling together" — the other being the spirit of Kobo Daishi. Most (but not all) temples offer basic but affordable lodging for pilgrims.

The total route is about 1,300km (about 807miles) long and it takes about 2 months to walk. Nowadays, most pilgrims go by car or bus, and complete the journey in about 10 days. (The pilgrimage is now being considered for status as a World Heritage.)

It is traditional to prepare by visiting Mount Koya, but the route itself starts at Ryōzenji, near Tokushima, and you also have to return here in order to complete your pilgrimage.

 The temples in order are:

No. Temple City Prefecture
1 Ryōzenji  Naruto Tokushima
2 Gokurakuji Naruto Tokushima
3 Konsenji  Itano Tokushima
4 Dainichiji  Itano Tokushima
5 Jizōji Itano Tokushima
6 Anrakuji  Kamiita Tokushima
7 Jūrakuji  Awa Tokushima
8 Kumataniji   Awa Tokushima
9 Hōrinji Awa Tokushima
10 Kirihataji Awa Tokushima
11 Fujiidera  Yoshinogawa Tokushima
12 Shōzanji  Kamiyama Tokushima
13 Dainichiji  Tokushima Tokushima
14 Jōrakuji  Tokushima Tokushima
15 Kokubunji  Tokushima Tokushima
16 Kan'onji  Tokushima Tokushima
17 Idoji Tokushima Tokushima
18 Onzanji  Komatsushima Tokushima
19 Tatsueji Komatsushima Tokushima
20 Kakurinji  Katsuura Tokushima
21 Tairyūji  Anan Tokushima
22 Byōdōji  Anan Tokushima
23 Yakuōji  Hiwasa Tokushima
24 Hotsumisakiji Muroto Kōchi
25 Shinshōji  Muroto Kōchi
26 Kongōchōji  Muroto Kōchi
27 Kōnomineji  Yasuda Kōchi
28 Dainichiji Noichi Kōchi
29 Kokubunji  Nankoku Kōchi
30 Zenrakuji Kōchi Kōchi
31 Chikurinji Kōchi Kōchi
32 Zenjibuji  Nankoku Kōchi
33 Sekkeiji  Kōchi Kōchi
34 Tanemaji  Haruno Kōchi
35 Kiyotakiji  Tosa Kōchi
36 Shōryūji  Tosa Kōchi
37 Iwamotoji  Kubokawa Kōchi
38 Kongōfukuji  Tosashimizu Kōchi
39 Enkōji Sukumo Kōchi
40 Kanjizaiji  Ainan Ehime
41 Ryūkōji  Mima Ehime
42 Butsumokuji  Mima Ehime
43 Meisekiji  Seiyo Ehime
44 Daihōji  Kumakōgen Ehime
45 Iwayaji  Kumakōgen Ehime
46 Jōruriji  Matsuyama Ehime
47 Yasakaji  Matsuyama Ehime
48 Sairinji  Matsuyama Ehime
49 Jōdoji  Matsuyama Ehime
50 Hantaji  Matsuyama Ehime
51 Ishiteji  Matsuyama Ehime
52 Taizanji  Matsuyama Ehime
53 Enmyōji  Matsuyama Ehime
54 Enmeiji  Imabari Ehime
55 Nankōbō  Imabari Ehime
56 Taisanji  Imabari Ehime
57 Eifukuji  Imabari Ehime
58 Sen'yūji  Imabari Ehime
59 Kokubunji  Imabari Ehime
60 Yokomineji  Saijo Ehime
61 Kōonji  Saijō Ehime
62 Hōjuji  Saijō Ehime
63 Kichijōji  Saijō Ehime
64 Maegamiji  Saijō Ehime
65 Sankakuji  Shikokuchuo Ehime
66 Unpenji Ikeda Tokushima
67 Daikōji  Yamamoto Kagawa
68 Jinnein Kanonji Kagawa
69 Kan'onji  Kanonji Kagawa
70 Motoyamaji Toyonaka Kagawa
71 Iyadaniji Mino Kagawa
72 Mandaraji  Zentsuji Kagawa
73 Shusshakaji  Zentsūji Kagawa
74 Kōyamaji Zentsūji Kagawa
75 Zentsūji  Zentsūji Kagawa
76 Konzōji  Zentsūji Kagawa
77 Dōryūji Tadotsu Kagawa
78 Gōshōji  Utazu Kagawa
79 Tennōji  Sakaide Kagawa
80 Kokubunji Kokubunji Kagawa
81 Shiromineji Sakaide Kagawa
82 Negoroji  Takamatsu Kagawa
83 Ichinomiyaji  Takamatsu Kagawa
84 Yashimaji Takamatsu Kagawa
85 Yakuriji  Mure Kagawa
86 Shidoji  Sanuki Kagawa
87 Nagaoji Sanuki Kagawa
88 Ōkuboji  Sanuki Kagawa

Many photos of the 88 Temple Pilgrimage can be found in the Shikoku Photo Gallery
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 12 July 2006 )
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